We want to be transparent about our plans for Edumecate. Below is a quick snapshot of the roadmap we have in place for Edumecate, so that you know where we have been and where we are headed. This roadmap will continue to evolve as we gain feedback from you.

Items we are working on for future releases

  1. Allow users the ability to provide their reviews/comments on resources
  2. Record what resources users “Like”, or provide reviews for, so that they can reference it in the future.
  3. Provide recommendations to our users based off of what they have liked or reviewed in the past.
  4. Provider a live feed of all the activity on the site, so you can see what is being added or edited on the site, while you are browsing. This may bring a resource to your attention that is getting a lot of attention.
  5. Provide users the ability to report any content for either being objectionable or of not being sufficiently useful.
  6. Create a similar experience for finding Homeschooling Community Centers.

Past Releases

06/02/12: Contains the following features:
  1. Users can compare resources

02/27/12: Contains the following features:
  1. Users can add a resource
  2. Users can edit an existing resource
  3. Users can “Like” a resource
  4. Users can search and filter for a resource
  5. Display related resources when looking at a resource
  6. Display “Views”, “Edits” and “Likes” for a resource, and allow user to sort by them.
  7. Users can provide feedback about the site
  8. Users can login to the site using their Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook or Open ID accounts.